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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Integrated Power Services’ trained and certified technicians are dedicated, knowledgeable, and committed to quality. They are customer focused and team managed. Their internal processes and procedures are continuously reviewed, and all technicians are available to speak directly with customers.

All equipment is fully tested to OEM, PEARL, ANSI, NETA and Integrated Power Services developed quality standards. Each product undergoes numerous quality control checkpoints, inspections, and is shipped with a test report showing the final results.

Integrated Power Services has in place a Quality Assurance Program to guarantee the best possible product:

  • 19 in-process Quality sign-off points for the technicians during the remanufacturing process
  • 9 in-process Hold Points signed by inspectors during the remanufacturing process
  • 34 point Final Inspection signed by both the technician and the inspectors
  • Multi point Packaging Inspection performed by the shipping team
  • Multi point Shipping Inspection performed by the shipping team signed by both the shipper and the inspectors

Remanufacture Procedure

Integrated Power Services follows a written Remanufacture Procedure. The procedure is constantly being improved and revised. The procedure details the following areas:

  • Initial Test and Inspection of breakers prior to remanufacturing
  • Disassembly
  • Parts reconditioning of mechanism, current carrying, and insulating components
  • Reassembly details the assembly, adjustment, wiring, labeling, and retrofitting
  • Testing is very thorough to Integrated Power Services/PEARL standards and recorded on computerized data sheets
  • Final Inspection assures detailed records and finest quality

Circuit Breaker Specifications

Integrated Power Services develops detailed Circuit Breaker Specifications based on original manufacturers data. The specifications cover the following areas:

  • Insulator List
  • Hardened Parts List (plating of certain hardened parts can cause failure)
  • Paint/Powder Coat Colors
  • Plating
  • Adjustments — all made per OEM manuals and specifications

Example for GE AK-2-50 EO/DO circuit breaker:

  • 20 Contact Adjustments are required
  • 4 Mechanism Adjustments are required
  • 5 Electrical Control Adjustments are required
  • 2 Rack-In Mechanism Adjustments are required
  • 12 Primary Disconnect Adjustments are required
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