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After a Switchgear Failure

A world class manufacturer of hospital operating room equipment in Alabama, suffered a 4,000 ampere switchgear failure upon re-energizing after annual maintenance. The plant’s customers rely on their ability to produce and respond to their rigorous demands, thus ensuring schedules can be met, and needed a solution fast.

The failed gear supplies power to the plant’s process building, consisting of over 100 employees who perform various manufacturing processes in machining and fabrication, as well as engineering and R&D. The ability to meet customer demands is driven by continued LEAN concepts and practices, thus requiring uninterrupted production schedules.

Upon realizing that part of their plant could be shut down, they were in desperate need of finding an available switchgear unit at 5pm on a Saturday evening. The plant’s contractor found the gear on National's website and sent the Maintenance Supervisor contact information for Account Manager Adam.

“After talking with Adam only a few minutes, he coordinated an outstanding display of customer service by calling his team in, testing the gear on hand and getting it shipped to me for an 11:30am delivery Sunday morning from Texas." The Maintenance Supervisor said, "The switchgear was installed with no problems and we had power restored to the process building by 2pm.”

Integrated Power Services’s customer commitment has allowed the Montgomery plant to continue operations as planned without delays or loss in production. The Maintenance Supervisor went on to say, “It is truly a breath of fresh air conducting business with a company that has a respected rapport as Integrated Power Services does. I look forward to future business opportunities with them.”

Integrated Power Services is an industry-leader in power distribution equipment and services, offering a broad line of new and repurposed electrical equipment from our extensive inventory and network of suppliers. Integrated Power Services also provides shop, engineering, and on-site services for all power systems, including remanufacturing of circuit breakers, switchgear and related components.

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