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Service Center Support

Service Center Support

Integrated Power Services (IPS) is your power partner for operating reliability. We repair, rebuild to “like new” condition, and remanufacture electrical equipment. We also supply low- and medium-voltage circuit breakers, switchgear, transformers, and related parts, both new and obsolete.

Remanufacturing, rebuilding and reconditioning services

National Switchgear, acquired by IPS in 2021, was a charter member of the Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League (PEARL), Today, as IPS, we remain an industry leader, having served as a remanufacturing and retrofitting service provider since 1986.

IPS technicians are trained, certified, and committed to providing high-quality shop services. We continuously review and improve our processes, and our technicians are available to speak directly with customers.


Circuit breaker and switchgear remanufacturing

The IPS remanufacturing facility in Dallas remanufactures and retrofits circuit breakers, switchgear, and related parts. It also specializes in circuit breaker and switchgear repair.

Our in-shop technicians test all equipment to meet OEM, PEARL, NETA and IPS-developed quality standards. Each product passes rigorous quality control checkpoints and inspections before shipping with a test report and final results.

Each IPS “Rebuilt & Guaranteed” circuit breaker has a quality control inspection procedure establishing signed check points at each stage. The check points are:

  • Initial test and inspection - tests include insulation and contact resistant, mechanical and electrical operation of breaker (if possible), and thorough visual inspection
  • Disassembly - each unit is broken down into individual components that allow for the most efficient component refurbishment
  • Component restoration - includes repainting with epoxy coating for more durable finish. All mechanism and current carrying parts are degreased, inspected, and polished. Electrical insulators are cleaned and baked at 175°F for a minimum of 72 hrs. to remove moisture
  • Reassembly - includes adjustment to the original manufacturer's published guidelines. Relubricate with Mobil 28 lubricant
  • Testing - includes insulation and contact resistance measurement, high current injection and electrical operation
  • Final inspection - includes 34 points of visual inspection performed by the technician and a QC inspector/supervisor

Test evaluation criteria

  • 1000V Megger - minimum 100 megohms (low voltage only)
  • 11 or 31 KVDC Hipot - less than 20 microamps (medium voltage only)
  • Contact resistance (Ductor) - maximum deviation of 20% on comparative readings
  • High current injection - manufacturer's specified tolerances (low voltage only)
  • Circuit Breaker Timing
  • Electrical operations - minimum 5 consecutive operations without malfunction

A “Remanufactured” circuit breaker includes the following additional steps:

  • Complete disassembly to the individual components
  • Painted components are sandblasted to bare metal with primer and 2 coats of finish paint
  • Mechanism/frame components are blasted bare and zinc plated
  • Current carrying parts are blasted bare and silver plated
  • All standard hardware replaced with new grade 5 fasteners
  • All wiring replaced with new SIS wire
  • Replace all labels


  • Any of the “Remanufactured” steps can be added to a standard “Rebuilt & Guaranteed” for additional cost
  • Additional testing can be performed such as Power Factor or other customer requests at additional cost
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