Integrated Power Services Vision & Mission: Honesty, Integrity, Respect
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Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Integrated Power Services acquired National Switchgear and National Field Services in December 2021.

In November of 2023, National Switchgear rebranded as IPS.

The IPS mission and vision are now ours, too.

We still seek to save lives, improve workplace safety, and improve the performance, reliability, and protection of electrical power systems. We do this with a best-practices approach to safety, equipment upgrades, and reliability with industry-leading subject matter experts.


To redefine reliability for customers.

Reliability has to mean something new to customers once they start working with IPS.


We revolutionize equipment and process reliability.

Revolutionizing our work means staying curious and always looking for a better way.

IPS Shared Values


We take ownership of our safety and that of everyone around us by watching out for each other and working together to identify and eliminate risks.


We are committed to doing what’s right in every interaction even when no one else is watching, and we work to build trust utilizing a work ethic that honors the urgency and quality of the work.


We treat each other with respect, strive to understand and empathize, and help each other work better as individuals and collectively as a team.


We take pride in everything we do, holding ourselves and each other accountable for our results and commitments.

Customer Focus

We are passionate about providing an Unmatched Customer Experience - honoring commitments, being responsive, and delivering quality and value.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We embrace personal learning and growth, putting our ideas into practice as we passionately and proactively pursue ways to grow our business.

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